Vitamin e oil benefits for skin

Benefits of vitamin E oil: vitamin E can effectively in the body by scavenging free radicals, protect the cell membrane, skin, blood vessels, heart and eyes, liver and breast cancer organizations such as hardening of the arteries, reduce the probability of such diseases. Vitamin e oil can extend women menopause, make menopausal symptoms reduction, and it also has the function of anti-aging.

The following key introduction of vitamin E skin beauty effect

1, vitamin e oil can apply directly to the body surface in any one place skin, and it has the function of moist, anti-oxidation skin maintenance.
2, vitamin e oil can be erasable in brow, eyelash, provide nutrients, can make them grow long, become black.
3, vitamin e oil can wipe in ankle, heel, knee and elbow etc wear easily aging place. Have ideal effect.
4, vitamin e oil mix with milk and honey, pearl powder (or pollen) do the mask, with a little cream, vitamin E to enhance hairdressing effect twice a week, every 15 minutes.
5, vitamin e oil can brush on the hair after washing of hair above, a dried-up coupon is not a maintenance function, of poor hair have certain improvement action.
6, vitamin e oil for face: can make skin is tasted, the facial moisten every morning and evening took a to add four or five drip smallest into ivory, key wipe eye week can reduce eyelid wrinkles and crow’s feet, enhance the skin elasticity.
7, take a grain of water-soluble vitamin E wipe all over your body, can prevent the skin is dry, itchy, peeling, delay ageing of the skin.

1, take it daily or bills, can’t take together with vitamin C.
2, must add water, or absorb skin moisture, make skin feel dry. Long-term massively agent taking have blurred vision side effect, criterion but usually take. Menstruation is normal, the period Ding uniform, lest affect endocrine.
3, for olive oil contains rich vitamin E of olive oil, and the absorption of human body is very high, so direct utilization rate of using it to wash hair, skin, the result is right also.
4, remember alcohol friend body accumulated excessive alcohol usually, can cause vitamin state is not stable, if use this method skincare, raise hair, prone to hair, so this kind of crowd lesions is unfavorable with vitamin E hairdressing.

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