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Vitamin D Overdose Effects

An overdose of vitamin D is called hypervitaminosis D, or vitamin D toxicity. The effects of vitamin D overdose include gastrointestinal disturbances, increased blood pressure and increased levels of calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia), which can lead to irregular heartbeat and other medical problems. It is unlikely that an overdose of vitamin D would result from diet or from the body’s own ability to synthesize this nutrient; overuse of supplements or supplemental fish oils is more likely to be the cause. The safe upper limit for vitamin D intake, established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, is set at 2,000 international units (IU) a day. Speak to your doctor about the best dosage if you plan to take vitamin D supplements for any reason.
Gastrointestinal Effects

Nausea, vomiting, constipation and loss of appetite are all symptoms of vitamin D overdose that can affect the stomach and intestinal tract. While these are not the most serious side effects of vitamin D toxicity, gastrointestinal problems may be early indicators of hypercalcemia, which can lead to additional health problems.
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Nutrient Imbalance

A vitamin D overdose can result in hypercalcemia because one of the roles vitamin D plays in the body is controlling the levels of calcium in the blood. Hypercalcemia is a serious condition if it becomes chronic, and can lead to bone mineral loss, or decalcification of the bones that leaves them brittle and weakened. At the same time, ongoing hypercalcemia can result in abnormal and debilitating calcium deposits in the kidneys and other organs. Signs of chronic hypercalcemia include excess thirst, fatigue, headaches, dry mouth, insomnia, mood changes, ringing in the ears, dizziness and vertigo.

Vitamin D overdose may also result in hyperphosphatemia, or too much phosphorus in the blood. Along with elevated blood calcium levels, high phosphorus levels can lead to hardening of the arteries, cardiovascular disease and death from heart attack, particularly in anyone with a kidney condition.

The effects of vitamin D overdose can linger for months, even after supplements are stopped. High blood pressure, possibly with fever and more severe gastrointestinal problems, may be experienced as a later symptom of vitamin D overdose. High blood pressure does not produce early symptoms but ultimately contributes to atherosclerosis, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke if left untreated.
Other Effects

Rare but possible effects of vitamin D overdose include blindness, deafness, seizures, elevated cholesterol and even death, according to University of Michigan Health System professionals. People with certain medical conditions, such as hyperparathyroidism and a variety of inflammatory diseases, are particularly sensitive to vitamin D and are more susceptible than healthy people to the extreme effects of vitamin D overdose.

What Are the Dangers of Vitamin D Overdose?

Vitamin D is the central nutritious which usually is great for all of the compression of calcium supplement, depending on MedlinePlus. While a fat-soluble vitamin, your entire body retail outlets this particular complex while in the fat to use at all hours. This approach complex additionally runs a character keep into your market of calcium mineral in addition to phosphorous on the blood flow. Quite a few foods hold vitamin D, such as mozerella, perch, margarine, oysters, gel together with fortified whole. Even now, an excessive amount vitamin D is undoubtedly dangerous that will cause overdose in addition to health problems.
Calcium Uric acid when it comes to Organs

The advisable figures of vitamin D for men and additionally although classic 15 to make sure you Fifty-five will be Five micrograms in one day; for people 51 that will 60, just how much can be Twelve micrograms per day, according to MedlinePlus. While overdose is usually exceptional, people who actually go beyond One,Two hundred and fifty micrograms of vitamin D everyday for an expanded occasion of effort will experience poisoning, depending on Merck website. The surplus of vitamin D causes by a bowel limescale inclusion causing substantial lime levels around the blood stream, which then debris into your softer areas of necessary body parts, such as core bronchi ending in minimized useful functionality.
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Renal system Stones

Although a deficiency of vitamin D could potentially cause the liver to have in calcium triggering gemstone foundation, an overdose can advertise kidney diamonds, as outlined by Donald Rakel within the novel ,Integrative Treatment.” This can be as a result of escalating by a bowel calcium supplements levels, which causes higher digestive absorption of oxalate which leads to be able to brick, the article author remarks. This is especially a dilemma people who take vitamin D fortified milk products.
Vomiting and also Muscle tissue Weakness

Vomiting and general body weak points happen to be potential risks of vitamin D overdose combined with deficiency. Proportional towards unusually increased calcium levels around the maintain, an excessive amount of vitamin D can also reason irregular bowel movements and then aggravation. As opposed to vitamin D got out of your the sun, simply mouth through supplements of vitamin D can lead to toxicity, as additional quantities from the sun-generated damage risk-free, in keeping with Mitchell Stargrove, et . while in the booklet ;Spice, Source of nourishment as well as Drug Interactions.br>