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Vitamin E for Hair Growth

Vitamin E can prevention white hair and promotes hair growth role.

Vitamin E can improve hair follicle micro circulation, ensure sufficient nutrition supply hair follicle, make the hair regeneration. Simple alopecia areata is caused by small angiogenesis contraction, and it can be cured by apply natural vitamin E and eating food contain rich vitamin E.

The main ingredient of hair is keratoprotein, and if you lack of vitamin corneous protein will appear the phenomenon of hair. To cure this disease must eat artificially extraction and manufacturing of vitamin outside, and we should eat more green vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, eggs, lean, soy, fish, shellfish, yeast, vitamin supplements to prevent falling hair.

Because vitamin E can make cell division speed, this new hair cycle divided synthesis will be accelerated, so the hair won’t appear hair, and has been very healthy growth.

[Trichomadesis prevention]: trichomadesis also called bald disease, on medicine can be divided into temporary trichomadesis and permanent trichomadesis two kinds big. Temporary trichomadesis mostly due to various reasons make hair follicle blood supply decrease, or local neuromodulation function obstacles that hair follicle malnutrition but no structural damage, after treatment, and new refunded renewable restorable. Common has all the bald, disease areata, hair loss, drugs after sexual trichomadesis, etc. Sex outside of trichomadesis is forever various lesions million, leading to the structural damage hair follicle new hair do not regenerate. Common permanent hair loss have to bacteria bald hair sex folliculitis or acne caused by fungus, HuangXuan or black tinea with brains countries shape lupus erythematosus, flat Zhang moss tinea, pseudo alopecia areata, etc. Early bald are genetic, although not form the scar, but due to the hair follicle atrophy, hair regeneration is often difficult.

Trichomadesis classification: spiritual trichomadesis, postpartum trichomadesis, menopause trichomadesis, hair sex trichomadesis, salt sex hair loss and sugar sex hair loss, etc.

Spiritual trichomadesis: mental pressure of excessive and cause hair loss. In mental pressure, under the action of the human body standing hair muscle contraction, the hair follicle, and erect on conveying the micro nutrient vasomotor, make a hair nutrient supply is restricted, must hair ecological change and malnutrition mental pressure will cause excessive sweating the sebaceous glands secretes growth, produce severe head hair scale, reduce the environmental quality of survival resulting fall off.

Treatment: by sending mental state, reduce mental pressure.

Hairstyle sex hair loss: such as braid, such hairdo can never send applogized for hair loss.

Treatment: the hair needs to keep a certain degree of natural fleeciness and proper elasticity, otherwise they will be broken or fall off.

Salt sex hair loss and sugar sex hair loss: the reason is salt and sugar excessive. Because salt minister hair organization stranded excessive moisture, affect a hair to normal growth; Sugar will destroy vitamin B group, disrupt the pigment metabolism, make hair hair bent, and too much sugar in vivo inducing seborrheic dermatitis into fat, then cause great hair loss.

Prevention and treatment: control sugar and salt intake.

Seborrheic trichomadesis: is based on the sebum overflow excessive a hair loss occur, often accompanied by scurf, scalp fat, itching obvious. Seborrheic hair loss occur in the sebaceous glands to secrete exuberant male youths, so sometimes called “male pattern bald hair”.

Treatment: first notice hair care and nursing and less food excitant food. Shampoo shouldn’t be too frequent, and local drug to remove grease, reduce scurfy, antiphlogistic anti-itching primarily.

Limitations: erythema shape trichomadesis (bald spot with neurological and psychiatric factors may cause hair growth, endocrine disorders, depress immune function disorder, infection, poisoning or other internal disorders related.

Treatment: can use spirit smell method, oral vitamin B and E, etc. Hair loss serious or revised the side take off with corticosteroids can add and immune strength agent. Local therapeutics can choose stimulate local skin blood circulation, promote the external use hair growth.