Benefits List Of Vitamins

Vitamin is a kind of organic material that maintain a human life, also maintain the health of human body important active substances, The next are benefits list of vitamins:
Vitamin A
– keeps your eyes healthy
– helps to strengthen your immune system
– aids in battling infections of your respiratory system
– protects the outer lining of your tissues and organs
– encourages healthy bone growth
– advances wholesome teeth and gums
– needed for standard duplication
– supports solar cells within separating how they ought to
– fosters healthy hair and skin
– called the “Sunshine Vitamin”
– one’s body can easily produce Vitamin D right after experience of sunshine
– essential for the processing of calcium and phosphorous in your body
– critical for the absorption of calcium in the small intestine
– vital for preventing bone loss
– helps prevent softening of the bones
– promotes regular muscle function
– minimize symptoms of arthritis by helping to keep joint cartilage healthy
– decrease risk of atherosclerosis or calcium building up in your arteries
Vitamin E
– powerful antioxidant that neutralizes or destroys free radicals that damage cell membranes
– associated with decreased risk of heart attack
– may help keep plaque from sticking to arterial walls
– linked to higher scores on cognitive tests
– associated with the slowing of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
Vitamin K
– aids the body in clotting blood when bleeding
– necessary in helping your bones use calcium
– helps lessen bone fractures
– might minimize the formation of kidney stones.